Our Story

TarabRaqs Reel produced by Robert Peak Design.

"Unleashing vitality and reaching deep into the soul..."

...TarabRaqs effortlessly fuses the foreign with the familiar to emerge with a passionate performance that redefines world music.

With roots in West Virginia and spirit in the Middle East, the four-member family band throws down the gauntlet to stereotypes and rocks the audience with their jazz-inspired improvisation on traditional Eastern music spiced with belly dance.  From the concert stage to the school gym, TarabRaqs reveals the thrill of travel, the appreciation of culture, and the excitement of live performance for every audience. 
      "Our music and dance are from the region known as the crossroads of the east and west.  The traditions are both ancient and new because the spirit of these arts is to improvise…to bring to the performance both tradition and what is happening now.  Check out the RaqStar pages for TarabRaqs' full story.


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