Travel & Culture

Historically speaking, cultures have shared with each other through trade, war, and travel…with travel being TarabRaqs' favorite mode of exchanging ideas.  So this page is about sharing with you what we have learned and experienced in our travels both Stateside and overseas.  Enjoy!  And share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

TarabRaqs on AlHurra TV—Part 1

In the spring of 2015, Betty Ayoub and her film crew from the U.S. Government-funded Alhurra TV network broadcasting to over 24 million viewers in the Middle East, spent a whole day with us interviewing us for a 2-part feature profile.


TarabRaqs on AlHurra TV—Part 2



Musicians of Morocco

Musicians of Morocco is a short musical and photographic journey of some of our travels in the southern part of the westernmost area of the Maghreb…that's Arabic for "west" and means the countries Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.   We spent most of our time in Morocco not actually traveling about, but setting up housekeeping in towns, making new friends, playing music, learning about what it's like to live in Morocco.  A photographer/filmmaker/graphic designer, our drummer Bob produced the film.

Jen Talks: Going Beyond Ali Baba

Jen Talks was produced by drummer Bob and dancer Jensuya for the 2012 National Convention of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee where TarabRaqs was a featured presenter for our entertaining educational programs about Middle Eastern cultures.  The short film chronicles the story behind our passion for Middle Eastern cultures.