Teachers & librarians are talking...

WOW!  I love this.  Why didn't my school have something like this when I was growing up?!"

—Angela P., teacher

The 'container' you created for the class to express themselves was exquisite."

—Anne Beckley, Executive Director,
Morgan Arts Council

...your passion for Arab culture was an inspiration..."

—Warren David, president, Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee


When kids are having fun, they're learning, and with Raqqin' the Kasbah, they're learning:

• Languages, geography, culture
• Beat, rhythm, tempo, and melody
• Folk dance and core movements

Our school performances offer the perfect arts integration assembly, and complement state content and standards objectives, including:

• Social Studies
• Music
• Dance
• Theater
• Visual Arts

K - 12 School Programs

Raqqin' the Kasbah Video

Raqqin' the Kasbah school performances are high energy costumed performances staged to educate through interactive entertainment K-5th, 6-8th, and 9-12th graders in the geography, history, language, music, dance and culture of the Middle East.  Backed with a multi-media show, the program features one hour of live music on traditional Middle Eastern instruments, classical and folk-inspired belly dance, and interactive lessons in rhythm, melody, dance, language, and geography.  Audiences learn to clap the principal rhythm of the Middle East, enunciate Arabic and Turkish words, hear the differences between eastern and western melodies, dance a traditional line dance called the debke, and identify age-old instruments.

   Click here for a pdf of the outline for Raqqin' the Kasbah.  Performances for elementary school kids includes a "Raq Star Activity Book" in pdf form so teachers can follow up the assembly with some light homework or classroom fun; and a quiz for middle and high school kids.

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