Professors are talking...

THANK YOU!!  The students really raved about the presentation today!  We'll definitely have you back next year."

— Dr. L. Renninger, Shepherd University

...eye-opening to this type of world music...I heartily recommend them to you."

— Dr. D. Gonzol, Shepherd University


Lectures & Classroom Presentations

Crossing the Bridge for Colleges, Universities, and Clubs

Close the textbooks for a period, and let us bring the culture alive in the lecture hall.  Designed for the likes of music, dance, history, anthropology, sociology majors, our 1-hour lecture/demo on Middle Eastern music and dance brings a unique perspective to students.  Click here to download a pdf of the outline for Crossing the Bridge.

Beyond Princess Jasmine for K-5, Middle School, High School

Kids learn by doing and moving, and a field trip isn't always feasible.  So bring the "field trip" to the classroom.  Our 1-hour interactive presentation/demo will have your students speaking Arabic and Turkish, clapping compound rhythms, dancing a traditional folk dance, and grasping history and geography through our multi-media and live presentation.  Click here to download a pdf of our "Raq Star Activity Book."

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