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TarabRaqs here at Cafe Cimino Country Inn was one of the coolest nights we'd had here in 4 years! What a wonderful family and wonderful talent...the dancing, the music, the vibe is "just perfect"!

—Melody U., Cafe Cimino

Think you have to be a Middle Eastern restaurant to feature a belly dancer?

A quick review of world history reveals a host of ideas to spice up your customary fare and treat your patrons to an unprecedented evening.  Food, ahem, for thought...

    French restaurants...think 19th century French colonialism in North Africa...OK, so politically incorrect, but wow! French food is a huge influence in North Africa.

    Spanish restaurants...remember 9th grade world history?  The Moors (the Arabs in Spain) held the Iberian Peninsula for more than half a millenia, and the guitar was born from the Middle Eastern oud.  Ole'!  Yallah!

    Italian restaurants...envision Anthony & Cleopatra.

    Middle Eastern restaurants...imagine featuring the best show this side of Beirut.


Restaurant Shows

Whether you're a Middle Eastern style restaurant or want to host a Mediterranean themed event, we are masters at fitting into bustling dining rooms and bringing a spirit to the dining experience that patrons keep talking about.  You make the food…we make the music and dance!  Our booking includes a custom-designed poster in pdf form for the event with your restaurant's name and the event details so you can make the most of promotion.  Check out some of our past events on our Facebook page.

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